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Bridging the urban and rural gap in India


Our Mission

To awaken 10 lakh individuals on the path of extraordinary leadership by 2030.


Our Vision

A society with equal opportunities, rights and justice for every human being.

About Us

Vizhi Awakening Trust was founded in the year 2014 with a deep sense of belief and commitment to create equal access and opportunities for all human beings in all aspects of life.


The quality of the education ecosystem, opportunities for skill building and exposure to access new opportunities varies greatly between urban and rural India. With 60% of 250 million children coming from rural India, the quality of the education ecosystem, access and opportunities for skill building varies greatly between urban and rural India. There is a need for systemic intervention and effective mentoring to bridge the above gap and transform the children and youth into future leaders contributing in all sectors of our country. Accordingly, we have identified 3 focus areas where inequity prevails and crafted independent and unique programmes to eliminate the inequity in those areas. The programmes are as follows:-


(a) Defence & Leadership Awakening Movement: eliminating inequity in access to leadership careers.


(b) Mental Health Awakening Movement: eliminating inequity in mental health literacy and treatment gap.


(c) Govt. School Transformation Movement: eliminating inequity access to world-class educational ecosystem.


Every movement is planned to be undertaken in 3 phases Awaken, Educate and Empower impacting the underprivileged youth of Tamil Nadu in various domains of their overall development.


Vizhi’s Awakening Model

“Educate to Awaken” being the driving force behind all the programmes inspire us to design each movement in terms of Awaken - Educate - Empower Model, wherein every individual impacted by the movement would transform into an extraordinary and futuristic leader through these phases.





Vizhi’s Awakening  Model