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Mental Health Awakening Movement

  • 13 -17 aged adolescents - the onset of mental health issues as per WHO.

  • 80% of people who are suffering do not seek professional help in India.

  • 95% shortage of mental health professionals in India as per WHO standards.

  • Tamil Nadu recorded 2nd highest number of suicides in 2021, as per the NCRB report.

  • 11 Lakh children from Tamil Nadu suffer from mental health issues, as per the TN State report.

Image by Ben Dutton
Image by Ben Dutton

Mental Health Services At DoorStep

The mission of the Mental Health Awakening Movement is to create awareness and eliminate the inequity in access to mental services amongst marginalized, less privileged people and the most vulnerable populations.

Adolescents in the age group of 13 - 17 years are the most vulnerable to mental health issues as they are exposed to varied external conditions/risk factors such as failure in exams, parental expectations, substance abuse, unemployment, poverty and family violence, including physical, sexual, or verbal or emotional abuse which if not identified and intervened in right time may affect the self-image and lead to self-harm and suicide.

Action Approach

Phase 1
Vizhi Leadership School
Creating awareness about mental health in overall wellbeing
Phase 2
Vizhi Leadership School
Training and Mentoring of students to become Mental health Warriors
Phase 3
Vizhi Leadership School
Establish self reliant mental health support centre in schools impacting students and extending services to community

Magizhchi Kalvi (Happiness Education) -

Magizhchi Kalvi (Happiness Education) -  1 Year school-based mental health curriculum for adolescents of 13 - 17 years of age (8th - 12th Std).


Pesalaam Vaa (Come - Let’s Talk) -

Pesalaam Vaa (Come - Let’s Talk) - 24 x 7 Mental Health Space within school connecting students, parents, teachers and mental health professionals aiming to achieve freedom of expression amongst adolescents

Our Impact





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